Kudos To DSW For Their ‘Monopod’ Ad

We don’t know who came up with this ad for DSW, but it should’ve been us they deserve a gold clap for their efforts. This video found its way to us via a dude from The Onion/A.V. Club, and after watching the “Monopod” vid, we’ve gained a new appreciation for DSW. Hell, we might even buy some shoes there (a Monopod, perhaps?)

Essentially, their fake invention, the Monopod — an April Fools’ gag — is an oversized shoe (one that fits both your feet) that touts improved knee and arch support, and promises better posture for those who hop around in it.

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Any brand willing to poke fun at itself with a well-executed, well-produced, Web-friendly April Fools’ ad is cool in our book, and DSW killed it with this. It shows the company can keep up with the times and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. What’s not to love?