5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Right Now

5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Right Now bike to work

#4. Bike To Work
A 2013 study found that people who bike to work are happier than commuters who use other modes of transportation. Whether you’re looking to get a folding bike, mountain bike, or a freaking unicycle, pull the trigger already. Well, unless you live in a frigid climate. Then we’d suggest waiting til spring to begin biking … but not buying a bike. Remember all that stuff we said about living for today in the intro? Yeah, well we meant it.

#5. Make A Big Play
Whether it is in business, sports, or fitness, use smaller goals to set your sights on something big. Dermot Blain, a pro poker player, told the Full Tilt blog ” … I know something I have been hugely guilty of in the past is basically going through the motions.” Don’t let the ’15 you pull a ’14 Blain. Get in gear and kick some ass.