Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Folding Bike

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Folding Bike

Why would you want to own a folding bike? We’re glad you asked (otherwise, there’d be no reason for this post). For starters, storage is easy since it, uh, folds. The carrying weights are usually about 20 or 30 pounds, which means so long as you’re not a sissy you should be able to handle it one handed while shoving a hot dog down your gullet with your other hand (or foot, depending on how flexible and talented you are).

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Another plus: it’s essentially theft-proof. Since you don’t need to leave it outdoors chained to a post or tree, a thief is going to have to kick your ass to get the bike. And if he does that, he deserves it.

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There are some cons, of course. Folding bikes can be pricy and uncomfortable — the 12 to 20-inch wheels aren’t always super sturdy riding over rough terrain … like a minefield of pebbles. Still, when you live in a population-dense area like a city or near a beach, the pros still outweigh the cons. So if you’re in the market, here are five options …

Dahon speed D7 folding bike#1. Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike ($550 @
The sleek stylish model weighs a mere 27 pounds and features seven speeds. The portable bike frame is constructed using chromyl Sonus tubing. The sturdiness of the frame means the bike capably accommodates riders weighing up to 230 pounds. The Neos derailleur combined with the 11-30T cassette ensures smoother gear shifting.