Live from Nashville: 4 Best Places to Catch Local Country Music Acts


Nashville has been America’s Music City since the creation of country music. It is truly the home, heart, and soul of country music. Many people wrongfully assume that Los Angeles produces most of the music in the US, but Nashville makes more than three times the music that LA does. 

One aspect that sets Nashville apart is the prevalence of live music. Many singers, songwriters, and bands perform live music in the city. The following are some of the best places to find local country music acts in Nashville: 

The District

The District in Nashville is the premier location for live country music performances in the city. A walk down Broadway in the town will reveal some of Nashville’s most well-known live music venues. 

The most famous of the live music locations in The District is the Honky Tonk Highway. You will find live music playing along the highway every day from morning till late at night. You can feel the love of country music walking down The District oozing from bars and other venues like the Nashville Palace and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. The District is one of the most amazing places in the South to go for fun; you just have to follow the neon lights. 

Robert’s Western World

Robert’s Western World is Nashville’s home of traditional country music. The sign above the place itself will tell you that it is Honky Tonk heaven, and they might just be right. Rober’s Western World features the best of honky tonk (traditional country music) and is one of the top attractions in Nashville.

You cannot question the authenticity of the old country songs playing in the venue, and it is an authentic experience of Nashville. Robert’s Western World is located in Downtown Nashville and is typically open from 11 am to 3 am, giving you enough time to enjoy live country music performances. 

The Bluebird Cafe

The TV show Nashville is mainly responsible for the fame that the Bluebird Cafe has and continues to enjoy. Ever since the show featured the cafe, the cafe has become so busy that you have to make a reservation or endure the long queues to enter the cafe. 

The cafe is one of the best places in Nashville to enjoy live acoustic country music in an intimate environment. You can get up close and personal with the artists as it is a small space and a great listening room. 

Several famous artists have played at the Bluebird Cafe, including Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. You can also eat and catch a buzz at the Bluebird Cafe, which makes it an ideal venue for a night out listening to live country music. 

The Basement East

Bands don’t only play rock and pop; there are country bands too. If you like listening to country bands play music live, The Basement East is the place to go. You may hear the venue called ‘The Beast,’ which is the local nickname for the Basement East and helps to know if you are asking around as a first-time visitor to Nashville. 

As the name suggests, you will find the venue in East Nashville and is fashioned as a building’s basement. The Beast has a friendly ambiance and relaxed setting, but it is also quite exciting. The crowd energizes the atmosphere, and you will hear some great music. 

The club is more of a launching pad for up-and-coming musicians, so you might get a chance to see a band before they become famous. 

Nashville is a musical city with countless options for live country music venues. You may spend a year in the city and not see them all. The four venues above are some of the best places to listen to country music live. Try them out and see for yourself.