Lotto Max Jackpot – What could you spend $10m on?

mmWhat would you spend 10m on infographic 1 scaled

We’ve all been there – decided what we would spend our Lotto winnings on, before we’ve even purchased the ticket, let alone found out if our lucky numbers were indeed lucky. Multiple properties, fast cars, luxury vacations, or putting it aside for our families, and the future… the list is endless!

But of course, if you haven’t got a ticket, you’re not going to win the Lottery! Mega Lotto offer up the chance to enter 20+ Lotteries from all around the world – so wherever you reside, you have the opportunity to take part, and you aren’t restricted to your country’s version of the Lottery.

Lotto Max, which is Canada’s biggest Lottery, is played twice a week – on Tuesday and Friday. With the jackpot starting from $10m and reaching in excess of $70m, if that wasn’t enough, as soon as the pot reaches $50m, additional prizes of $1m are awarded! Many of us would dream of obtaining those seven figure sums alone, but imagine winning that eye-watering base jackpot! What could you spend that kind of money on?