A Shelf For Guys Who Hate Key Hooks

magnetic shelf plank

Keeping your keys, wallet, sunglasses, and phone in one location makes sense since they’re all easy to misplace and can be maddening to find. Stashing them on top of a kitchen table, nightstand, or dresser are all options, but doing so won’t help keep those surfaces clear of clutter. Inside of a drawer is another possibility, but when your phone is completely tucked away and out of sight it’s awfully difficult to send a text, converse with Siri, or keep your Nomophobia under control.

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The Plank magnetic shelf ($23 @ Amazon.com) isn’t as bulky as many wall organizers and is free of key hooks. Instead, your keys will cling to a thin magnetic strip on the bottom of the wood. Installation is a simple three steps and only requires you to own a wall, screwdriver, and pair of working hands.