Mens Health Myths Debunked

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We’re dispelling some of the most common men’s health myths, from the serious to the lighthearted. It is hoped that it will help you see the bigger picture and inspire you to try new lifestyle options. Is it possible that the modern man bun can lead to hair loss? Is erectile dysfunction only for older men? All of this and more is covered, along with some possible solutions. These are some common myths about men’s health that we have examined and dispelled.

  1. Man buns and hats can lead to hair loss

Although experts do suggest pulling your hair’s roots can cause follicular damage and male pattern baldness (or vice versa), there is no scientific evidence to support that assertion. This means that you can wear a hat or a man bun without becoming bald. If you do develop receding hairlines, blame your genes (followed closely by malnutrition).

  1. Weaker erections are not a sign of ED

Erectile dysfunction is a term that stands for “erectile disorder” and can take many forms. It can refer to inability to erection or maintaining an erection. However, it can also be a sign that erections aren’t as strong or as strong as before. There are many possible causes, including poor diets, testosterone deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and others.

  1. If your doctor doesn’t mention them, your testosterone levels are fine

Your body begins to produce testosterone in your testicles as soon as you hit puberty, although you might not know it. It is a male sex hormone and sends body signals to help you develop sexually and mature. After the age of 30, testosterone levels (T) start to decrease in most men.

Your doctor may not be checking your T levels all the time. Your doctor may not believe that a low testosterone count is the cause of your symptoms. You might end up with a condition that is treatable, even though you didn’t know it.

  1. The Health of Men Does Not Have an Effect on Reproductive Success

Sorry to break the news. Your baby’s health can be affected by your sperm health. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, having a sexually transmitted infection, using steroids, inhaling harmful chemicals, and exposing your testicles for extended periods of heat can all affect your body’s ability to produce healthy sperm. Similar to the previous point, older men are less likely than younger men to produce healthier sperm.

You should reduce your vices and hazards three months before you plan to have a child. Not tiny lazy slackers wallowing in the pool on float tube, but Olympic-grade swimmers.

  1. A small penis can make you more masculine

Many men worry about their short penises. The size of your penis does not reflect your masculinity. Most men who believe their penises don’t have enough length are wrong. Ask many men to name an average length penis. They’ll give you six inches. It’s actually closer to 5.1 inches when erect.

  1. To build muscle, you need to drink protein shakes

Protein shakes can be used as a supplement to certain nutritional or fitness needs. A supplemental shake is not necessary if you are already receiving enough protein from your diet.

As a side note, excessive protein can cause weight gain, constipation and kidney damage.

The last thing you need to remember is that all the protein in this world won’t do any good if your don’t have a routine for working out. This includes strength training and cardio, both with or without the protein shake.

  1. As you age, cognitive decline is inevitable and cannot be prevented

Many men believe that cognitive decline, memory loss, and inability to focus are just part of the normal course of things. These can’t be prevented or avoided. Although your brain will lose some of its luster as you age there are still ways to slow the process.

One way is by producing brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF). Research has shown that BDNF can reduce cortisol’s negative effects, which is often a result chronic stress.

Semax, a crucial peptide that increases BDNF, can help to prevent cognitive decline.

  1. Breast Cancer is not something men can get

Here’s a health myth no man should hear. As if the potential cancers were not enough, breast cancer can also be a problem for men. They have breast tissue just like women but less. The disease is less common in men than it is in women. However, you should be alert for signs like a lump under the arm or chest, sudden fluctuations in breast size, or a rash around the nipple.