The Best Bar Soap For Men

irish spring hydrate best bar soaps for men

Irish Spring Signature For Men (2 pack for $14 @

Hydrating soap bars are big green bricks that are infused with shea butter extract to keep your skin feeling fresh, moist, and hydrated. Use it on your face and every other crevice for a lasting but not overpowering clean scent. We’ve used this and their body wash and can’t overstate how great it is; if you’ve written off Irish Spring in the past, give them a chance to redeem themselves with either this or …


irish spring exfoliateIrish Spring Signature Exfoliating Bar Soap ($25 for 9 bars @ 

This variation uses rolled oats that gently scrub away dead skin (of if you prefer using the fancier term — the soap exfoliates the skin). Again, the scent is crisp and clean, not overdone or offensive.


best bar soap for men musgo real

Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap ($9 @

The best soap for men in terms of pure bar soap is Musgo. On the market since the 1880s, each bar is made of coconut cream, foams well and is a good value for under $10.


erno best bar soaps for menErno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar ($35 @ 

It’s best used on slightly oily skin. Basically, if you dry your face with a hand towel and can wring out oil from it afterward, start scrubbing with Erno’s mud soap. It’s made up of 26 minerals that help clean, detoxify and hydrate skin.


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