The Best Way To Grill Steak

best way to grill steak, flamesGrilling meat — as in, actually grilling a quality cut of meat — should be part of every man’s skill set. The best way to grill steak is important, as it not only demonstrates the manly skills of the barbecue, but it turns an expensive cut of beef into fine dining. Check out this mini grill master’s handbook for your basic BBQ know-how.





Buy Quality Meat

To grill the best steak you need to start with the best cuts of meat. In order to choose the best that your budget will allow, you need to know how to recognize a good cut. Marbling, the fat within the muscle tissue, is one of the visible clues to good quality meat. Dry, aged meat is commonly more tender, although marinating the meat with tenderizer can achieve the same effect. Adding salt and pepper about half an hour before grilling is another simple practice of steak grilling that will enhance the quality and taste of your meat.

Season it
We prefer using rubs to marinades to improve taste. However, one of the best ways to grill a steak is to keep it simple with some salt and pepper. Add olive oil, crushed garlic, fresh thyme, or rosemary if you prefer, but it’s not necessary if you follow step 1 and get a quality piece of meat. Don’t forget to season both sides.