Tips That’ll Help You Dress Business Casual

4 Tips That'll Help You Dress Business Casual

If you care at all about your career and you’re not in production or some field where you’re locked in front of a computer all day long without seeing the light of day or a single living soul — excuse us while we tear up at our lives — guys need to put thought into their dress attire for work.

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Even if you’re looking to go business casual you have to know what that means. According to a recent study that appeared in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science it should mean dressing slightly better than your co-workers. Doing so has been shown to lead to more creative thinking. can lead more creative thinking.


#1. Find Out What Other People Are Wearing
If it’s a work event, just ask the person putting it together. And get it in writing so there’s no confusion. If it’s a day-to-day thing, go with your gut or the stereotype you’ve been fed your entire life. Meaning, it’s better to be too dressy that to look like a homely slob.

#2. Slacks or Khakis?
Jeans have become more welcomed in a casual work environments, but the old-school, er, traditional line of thinking meant your should wear shoes (not sneakers) and slacks or khakis. No suits, ties, blazers, sport coats, or tuxedoes. And if you wear your birthday suit on casual Friday, you’re a buffoon.

#3. Don’t Worry About The Tuck / No-Tuck
That’s not going to determine whether you look underdressed so long as the shirt is tailored and not some billowy mess. Unless your boss or supervisor is a real hard ass, it’ll be fine so long as it still respects the environment or culture you’re in. Remember, as dumb as it may seem to you, people who’ve been there longer than a cup of coffee take that type of stuff seriously.

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#4. Shoes or Sneakers?
You can get away with either — if your casual shoes look like they’re a fit for work attire. We have a list you can check out, but so long as they don’t look like you’re about to go for a run, cruise down the street on a longboard or skateboard, or hike to Mount Doom, they’ll probably pass.

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Your supervisors dictate what proper business attire is, but new research claims that people who dress more formal than their coworkers are more creative.

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