Things To Say On A First Date

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What To Say On A First Date

If your first date is tanking or there are too many awkward silences, you have two choices. One, you can stuff food in your maw, chug your cocktail (or cocktails), and then get the check. Or go for broke and try to pry some fun out of an otherwise dismal evening. And that’s why it helps to have a few good first date questions in the chamber.

We’re not talking about, “what do you do for work?” That’s a boilerplate question that leads to a boilerplate answer. Instead, try some of these …

#1. Which one of these statements is a lie?

Tell her three interesting things about yourself. Two of them should be true, one should be a lie. So, assuming you’re not into drag, you could say something like:

1. I went to high school with the Craigslist Killer.
2. I thoroughly enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2.
3. I wear ladies undies every Thursday.

The idea is to get her to let her guard down while dropping some interesting info about yourself that can get a conversation rolling. Maybe she’s into Pitch Perfect 2. Or—even crazier—also wears women’s undies.

#2. What’s the worst movie you’ve seen in the past month?

This works two ways: You’ll instantly know what types of movies she doesn’t like (and does like), and movies are easy to talk about. Once you’re done discussing the film, use a point of the conversation to pivot to another topic. Read: listen to everything she says and find a snippet that’ll give you something to work with.

#3. If you had a choice to travel back in time to high school or college, would you do it?

This is another great conversation starter since you both presumably went to high school and college. There is no right answer, but if she can’t answer this one, then “Check please.” However, if she rolls with it and comes up with an answer, don’t come back at her with something like, “Hells yeah I miss college. I got blasted and baked every night.” Instead, hint at the fun and give a little bit of a more refined answer, or she may be the one on the way out.

#4. “If you found $10,000 and had an hour to spend it, what would you do?”

This won’t put too much strain her brain, and it’s a fun question to answer.

#5. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

If she says she doesn’t do karaoke, it’s fine; ask her what she sings in the shower, or who her favorite artist is, or what the last concert she went to was. You get the idea, buddy. And if she doesn’t like concerts—and why would you be with this snoozer if that’s true?—it provides insight as to what you’ll be dealing with if she’s down to go out again.

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