8 Simple Tips To Help Guys Lose Weight

Tips To Help Guys Lose Weight drink more water

Weight Loss Tpps For Men

A good diet for men is one that A) works and B) works quickly. There’s no magic pill or secret to achieving success — but it does take a healthy and strict diet and a few other tips. Like what? We’re glad you asked …

#1. Drink. More. Water.

Notice we didn’t say “drink more.” Sodas and booze are sugar bombs and empty calories. As much as we like our libations, when we’re trying to shave a few inches off of our gut it’s critical to cut back on those two items. Drink. More. Water. In fact, often when you feel hungry, your body is just expressing thirst. Ease up on the soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and juice. The right liquids are a must for a man’s best diet.

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#2. Cut Out Processed Foods

Your body doesn’t recognize ingredients that were created in a lab. There’s a reason why you can only eat so many apples or pieces of broccoli before your body signals that you’re full, but you can house an entire box of Fruity Pebbles and still feel hungry.