Where to Meet Girls in College

meet girls in collegeIt’s the question that haunts the minds of men from their freshmen year to their final step on commencement (and often long after graduation): Where can I meet girls in college? College is where we learn who we are and what we’re passionate about through trial, error, and experimentation. For most collegiate men, a big part of that is done with their coed counterparts, but the question is: Where are the hottest places to meet them? Here are a handful of locals to help in your quest, best of luck around the watering hole:

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It seems like a no-brainer, but hardly anyone really considers class as a viable option to pickup girls. Females consist of over half the college population of today so take advantage in the most basic social setting. Don’t get lazy and sit in the same spot every day or just hang out with your friends. Branch out! You all have a shared experience to talk about to break the ice: the class you’re in!

Local Nightlife
Every college town—from those in major metropolitan areas to those off of dirt roads—has a nightlife in some form or another. Hit the bars, clubs, cafes, or whatever your town has to offer. Go with a friend who has similar goals and divide and conquer. A few drinks can give a little extra confidence, so take advantage.

Local Events
Check out the live music calendar or upcoming plays or visiting comedians—anything really! If it’s drawing a crowd, you’ll meet college girls there. Most universities have a calendar of events. Check it frequently.

In all honesty, the perfect place to meet girls in college is, well, everywhere! All it takes is a little confidence and a hallway, drinking fountain, or dining hall can become your favorite pick up spot. Whatever you do, the key is just to do something!

Student Organizations
Another great way to meet girls in college is by joining student organizations. These clubs usually have meetings and events that students can attend, so it’s a great opportunity for making connections with like-minded individuals who share your interests and hobbies. Plus, these organizations often provide networking opportunities afterwards that can help you get ahead after graduation.

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