Second Date Suggestions

second date suggestionsPlanning a first date usually involves picking a restaurant or a nice little spot for coffee. If things go well enough that the pair decides upon a second date, deciding what to do can add a bit more pressure. What are some second date suggestions men can keep in mind?

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Sporting Events
If you and the woman whom you’re dating both love sports, the second date is an ideal time to check out a game together. You’re still getting to know each other, but it’s okay if you’re not in a quiet environment this time. There’s enough going on to provide plenty of topics for conversation, so you’ll be able to continue to get to know one another in a comfortable setting.

Skating, Snowboarding and Other Fun
For a second date, it’s time to start having some fun with one another. For example, men who live near some skiing slopes could bring their dates over there for the day, and other pairs might want to try out the new ice skating rink. You’ll still have time to talk to one another, but you’re certain to get in plenty of laughs as well.

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Cooking Together
Do both you and your new girl like to cook or bake? You could go to one of your homes and make a meal or some desserts together. If you’re uncomfortable going to each other’s living spaces yet, look into cooking classes offered locally.

These second date suggestions show that you’re paying attention to the woman’s interest, and they also allow the both of you to have a lot of fun.