Should You Text After First Date?

what to text a woman

You’ve established contact, had your date, and everything went well. Congrats!

Now what? Do you text? Do you go radio silent? Do you send a smoke signal and hope she gets it? While this may seem like the simplest thing in the world, most guys get confused and tend to ruin their chances by not texting at all because they don’t want to seem desperate. Well, that’s bullshit. If you had a cool time with her, text her back and write something uplifting and positive. Let’s see how it’s done.

When to Send the Text

If she had a long haul — a 40-minute drive or train ride, or something — sending a text to make sure she got home without any issues can go a long way. Try: “Hey, I had a great time. We should try that again sometime.” No, that’s not pushing it, and it doesn’t have anything to do with being desperate or overexcited. The ideal scenario would be to drop her off at her place, like a true gentleman. If that wasn’t the case, then ask her via text if she got home okay. For that kind of message, you should not wait longer than 24 hours.

Some Texts Are Great for the Same Night

If you are confident that the date was awesome and you feel the need to continue communicating because you guys have a great chemistry going, then you can send her a message that same evening. And it doesn’t just have to be something out of politeness (like asking her if she got home safely), but it can also be something like “Great night. Haha — thinking of that waiter’s funny voice…:)” This will keep things in high spirits, and more importantly, it will maintain a degree of lightheartedness and is no doubt going to prompt a quick response from her. There’s a strong possibility that the texting will continue into a harmless little flirt before you go to bed, which you can easily end with a line like: “Going to sleep with a smile on my face,” or something similar.

Don’t Worry About the Consequences of A Text Message

Once again, you’re not gonna do yourself much good by overthinking things and then ending up not texting her at all. A huge majority of men make the mistake of not communicating after the first date, and this usually results in the girl getting the impression that the man isn’t interested. If you have an awesome time with her, you should tell her so and texting her is the easiest and is one of the most effective ways of doing that without presenting yourself as too forward.

When and What to Text, Once She Texts Back

Don’t wait too long for the next response. You can already start the next day. She will appreciate the attention, particularly if she had a nice time and you have already exchanged messages the night before. A good text message, which she responds to, of course, should have a decent follow-up. However, you should make an effort and send a proper follow-up, that goes beyond mundane questions or statements along the lines of “So, what’s up?” or “How are you?” The crucial thing with a follow-up is to actually have something to say. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should phone her up the next day and give her a full report on the latest world news. What it means is simply sending her a message, first a casual one, with something funny again, and then you can ask her directly when and if she’d be interested in a second date. This is very important. Most women are not happy when men refuse to contact them after the first date, especially if things went so well.

Don’t Play Games, They Are Misleading

Everyone deserves honesty. Maintain a healthy degree of sincerity towards this person, after all, you guys did have a great time, remember? Just be open about your intentions to see her again. Don’t play the waiting game, and don’t downgrade the situation by using crappy catch-phrases or chat-up lines. Try to treat her as one of your close friends and tell her: “Ya know what, I can’t wait to see you again. Let’s meet for dinner this weekend, will you be free then?” There. It’s simple and is sure to bring results.