How To Choose Men’s Boots

best boots for menThe best boots for men depend upon what they will be used for. Form and function are the essential factors. Three of the primary types of male boots are dress, work and casual.

Dress Boots
Office environments are more likely to require dress boots that look stylish with a suit and tie. These tend to be shiny, well-polished and made of leather. A formal affair will call for a dress boot that looks good with a tuxedo. These boots are usually made of a stiffer material. They aren’t as warm, long-lasting or comfortable as other boots, but they’ll definitely impress if you buy a quality product. Our suggestion is the Caver wingtip by Johnston and Murphy, pictured to the left. It comes in a variety of colors to complement any suit.

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Work Boots
Men’s work boots must be made of durable materials to protect your feet and legs from any hazard. Steel-toed boots can handle heavy weights dropped on them. Workers may need to move items with their feet. A high-quality boot can be resoled. Long-lasting work boots are usually waterproof. People can use oils or waxes to prevent cracking. Proper maintenance extends the life of your boots. Check out the Red Wing brand for work boots that are rugged yet stylish.

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Casual Boots
Casual boots are more likely to be used for walking, hiking or other recreational activities. These boots are likely to have padded arch and heel support. The casual boot must be comfortable. These boots will be lighter, so men don’t get tired when moving. Men must be able to be in casual boots for long periods of time without getting blisters. J. Crew and Steve Madden both carry a variety of options for a casual boot.

The best boots for men depend upon your lifestyle.