Corny Pickup Lines for Girls

corny pickup lines for girlsGentlemen, the art of picking up a beautiful woman is just that: an art. Many men approach women with laziness, using corny pickup lines for girls that have been heard a million times before. Women like to feel special, and they want to be approached by interesting guys. If you use a tired line, you will not show her that she is special, and you will come off as boring.

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This doesn’t mean you can’t use the corny approach on girls; it means that your corny lines should be original and tailored just for the woman you are approaching. For example, instead of asking a woman if it hurt when she fell from heaven, a line she’s heard before, you could approach the sitting angel and say, “Excuse me, seraph, I didn’t mean to bump your wings as I walked by.” This line is cheesy, yes, but it’s something she hasn’t heard before.

Just because you are approaching someone with a corny line doesn’t mean it can’t be sincere. Think of words that will compliment an interesting woman that will be believable to her. If she thinks you are insincere, this can make you come off as a jerk. You should also avoid any lines that would come across as a backhanded compliment or insult. Any corny pickup lines for girls that are sincere, fun, and funny will usually at least guarantee a smile from the girl you are approaching. If you can get a smile, a rejection will be less painful, and an acceptance will make a transition to a meaningful conversation easier.

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