The Worst Pickup Lines To Use On Women

worst pickup linesWhether it was at a bar, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house, you’ve flirted and you’ve failed. But hopefully you never used a cheesy pickup line as you went down in flames. The following worst pickup lines will give you a taste as to just how awful and moronic some guys can be. Yes, they’re real. And yes, guys have actually admitted to using them.

“I know I’m not the best looking guy here, but I am the only one talking to you.”
Essentially you’re telling her that she should settle for second best. And that would be you. It also shows zero confidence.

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“I’m new in town. Can I have directions to your house?”
The worst pickup lines usually involve some sort of attempt to be slick. This goes for it … and fails miserably. It sends the woman creepy signals and will more likely get you directions to the door than her house.

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“The fact that I am missing most of my teeth means that there is more room for your tongue.”
Do you really want to draw attention to your negative features? Out of the worst pickup lines, this may be tops. And get soem dentures, for crying out loud.