7 Sex Moves You Use That
Women Hate

Sex Moves She'll Hate

If a woman is choosing to have sex with you — especially if it’s the second, 10th, or 2,000th time — you’re obviously doing something right. Most of us are kinda picky about who we let insert things into our orifices, so granting you access means we think relatively highly of you. But no matter how big a fan of yours we are, chances are that there are a couple of things you do in bed that we actually can’t stand. But you may think they’re hot, and we may not speak up like we should, so you continue to do them. Well, I’m here to break that vicious cycle. Here are the most common things guys do in bed that women hate.

Women aren’t always into oral. In general, it seems guys will accept a blow job at any time, anywhere, and from pretty much anyone (when single). But sometimes women just don’t feel like receiving oral sex. Maybe it’s because we’re overdue for a trip to the waxer. Or we’d rather keep the action eye to eye. And, yeah, it could have something to do with our period. So if we resist, don’t ask for an explanation. Just accept it and move on. (And I don’t have to tell you that you should never push her head toward your lap to signal that you want oral, right? Right?)