Bathrooms Around The World That You Need To Pee In

dolce gabbana bathroom italy

Dolce and Gabbana’s Gold Room | Milan, Italy
We’re not so much interested in blowing a ton of dough to eat at Gold, the spendy restaurant where this bathroom resides, as we are in commandeering the bathroom so we can pretend to be Superman in his Fortress of Solitude. (And yes, the plasma screens inside each stall do, in fact, play Goldfinger on a loop.)

italyFrommer’s Italy ($15.50 @

see through toilet funny bathrooms

The See-Through Bathroom | Basel, Switzerland
Artist Monica Bonvicini’s piece entitled Don’t Miss A Sec is actually a functional bathroom encased in one-way mirrored glass on a busy sidewalk. We wouldn’t go near the thing though; it’s gotta be a favorite of public (but discrete) masturbators.

rickRick Steves’ Switzerland ($9 @