Bathrooms Around The World That You Need To Pee In

modern bathrooms you need to pee in

Guys will pee anywhere. On the side of a highway, against a building, in a public swimming pool. Because of our anatomical makeup, we have the luxury of not being bathroom snobs.

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But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good bathroom. And it’s nice to turn a mundane daily activity into something interesting (without getting arrested). And peeing into the gaping mouth of an alligator, or while people walk by inches away oblivious to what we’re doing, or while watching Goldfinger in a bathroom seemingly made out of gold definitely qualify as interesting.

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And you can do all of those things in at least one of these bizarre bathrooms. Just be sure to wash your hands after you’re done.

modern bathrooms you need to pee in nuns

The World’s Largest Public Bathroom | Chongqing, China
This monstrosity in the home of our future overlords has 1,000 toilets, TVs, calm music playing, and urinals shaped like alligators, open-mouthed creatures, and, naturally, the Virgin Mary. And yet for some reason our favorite part is the sinks.

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modern bathrooms you need to pee new zealand

The That’s It?! Bathroom | Queenstown, New ZealandThe urinals at the Sofitel Queenstown Hotel and Spa are overseen by life-size photos of women holding stuff like a digital camera, magnifying glass — real funny, lady! — and measuring tape. Other women simply look on as though they’re either impressed or horrified. We’ll just go with impressed.

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bathroom mouth funny

The Roseenmeer Facility | Mönchengladbach, Germany
Controversy erupted when the Rosenmeer Hotel in Germany unveiled its new restroom — and we can certainly understand why. The garish checkered background totally clashes with the classy, understated urinals.

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arizona utah bathroom

The Floating Bathroom | Lake Powell, UT/AZ
The National Park Service hated people voluntarily adding to Lake Powell’s water levels, so they installed floating bathrooms to minimize contamination. For the fishes’ sakes, we hope it isn’t glass bottomed.

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