Online Dating with DNA Matching is an online dating site combining state of the art features and functionality with OPTIONAL DNA Biological and Emotional matching ability.

Most dating sites provide the same type of service. We provide all those services but are very unique in that we offer DNA Compatability Analysis. is the only site that is acting as a hybrid  allowing conventional dating with the OPTION of doing DNA personality matching. We feel this approach with create a much larger ecosystem of people within our site as many people still are hesitant to  be forced to do a DNA test. Once people get comfortable with our free conventional dating site they can seamlessly do DNA personality matching with members on our site.

Moreover, if people do not see a match on our site we can generate the closest matches from our database which will grow over time.

Consumer adoption of DNA testing has accelerated tremendously – 13 million individuals currently submit DNA for a variety of purposes  for testing annually a 5000 percent increase in 5 years. provides the interface for a user to request a DNA test kit, but once the request is made all aspects of the testing and communication of results are administered by IC.  This ensures privacy and security of the sample. 

A proprietary algorithm to determine DNA-based compatible matches among other site users that have also submitted DNA test kits.

If a user is interested in one of their DNA matches, they can contact the match on  Furthermore, if both parties agree, a comprehensive 20-page report can then be purchased to compare emotional and biological DNA markers in each party, and the users can submit a psychological questionnaire to obtain a more complete analysis.

Once a user has their DNA tested, their profile will have display a DNA logo to make others aware that the test has been done.  The user has the option of supressing the logo.

Full desktop functionality exists along with IOS & Android mobile apps. 

For individuals who want a better understanding or are skeptical of the science relating to using  DNA for Personality matching, our partner IC has published a 140 page book on the science. This book leverages the learning from the thousands of tests performed so far

Human relations are complex. 40% of Compatibility are estimated to be determined by your genes alone. Why not improve your odds of a great match!

This book is available on amazon

Our partner lab Instant Chemistry (IC) has  performed thousands of paid DNA personality tests You can find excerpts from ABC’s Inside Edition of our lab here.