Should You Shave Your Head

1 Shave Your Head

Deciding whether you should shave your head or not can be a life-changing decision. For some men, shaving their head at home can be a logical response to balding and hair loss. After all, if your receding hairline is messed up or you are developing bald spots at the crown, it might just be better to get a buzz cut or shaved head.

If you’re thinking about shaving your head, wondering when is the right time if you’re going bald, and want tips and tricks to actually learn how to trim your hair all off, this guide will teach you everything you need to know.

Understand Your Head Shape

2 Understand Your Head Shape

Before making the final decision to shave your head, take a deep dive into what it might look like after the chop. Spend some time in front of the mirror to determine head shape; rounded, oval and square are the most common.

After deciding which description is most suitable, research some celebrities with the same head shape to get a better understanding of what it will look like.

Naturally, most people are looking for that perfectly rounded scalp that encapsulates what a bald head typically looks like. If that is not the case, it does not mean that a bald head won’t look fantastic. It does mean, however, becoming more comfortable with what it will look like as it may not be the idealistic look.

Take some time to look in the mirror and feel around for any divots, bumps or ridges that could be an aesthetic issue. As a trial, begin with a close shave to get a more accurate picture for the shape. If that turns out to be the wrong look, a shaved head will not be any better.

When To Shave Your Head

3 When To Shave Your Head

Firstly, there is never a bad time to take the leap. There isn’t a formula to find the right time, do it when it feels right. Still uneasy about shaving it off? Consider finding a trusted barber to trial a consultation.

They will be able to provide helpful information about hair type, assess head shape and discover any hidden issues that require a professional. A barber is the perfect person to make recommendations leading up to the shave.

For more ways to prepare, remember that this is only temporary. The beautiful thing about hair is that it will grow back. Some people, naturally, have hair that grows faster than others, but it will return nonetheless.

If the bald look turns out to be a bust, then continue to let it grow as normal. Shaving does not have an effect of the follicles so it will not cause an issue in the event the hair grows back to the length it once was. Hair will return back to its natural pattern and act the same as it did before going bald.

Get The Right Tools

4 Shaving Tools

Although picking up an old razor and shaving it off sounds tempting, it is not worth a bad shave and potential cuts. As mentioned, find a barber who is willing to provide a consultation before shaving it off so he can assess what the best method for the shave is.

Barbers will be able to detect certain features of a scalp that could encourage a short buzz instead of a full shave.

If attempting a DIY method, there are a few things to keep in mind in the name of safety. For starters, you’ll want to get high-quality balding clippers. Reviews of the best clippers for shaving recommend brands like Wahl, Andis and Remington. Consider using Wahl’s 5-Star clippers since they offer an ergonomic shape and provide the best at-home trim available.

Begin with 1-inch guards to take off the excess hair that will get in the way as the shave goes closer to the scalp. Then, either take off the guard or adjust it to the lowest setting to achieve the desired look.

Be very careful when working with a close shave and have a towel present in case the razor nicks the scalp. If you do nick your skin, apply pressure until it stops bleeding.

In terms of necessary items to prepare for a DIY shave, buy the sandalwood shave cream to use as a base before going to the scalp. It will not irritate the skin and offers a sudsy, soft shave that leaves the scalp feeling better than ever.

If there are stray hairs, get a small, plastic razor to trim those last few hairs that the razor couldn’t. Again, use a small amount of shaving cream to make this more comfortable. Going slowly during the process makes the beard more precise and sleek.

How To Take Care of a Bald Head

5 Shave Your Bald Head

A common misconception that comes with going bald is that it doesn’t require any upkeep. There is maintenance; it is just significantly less than before. First off, have SPF on hand at all times as sunburn on the head will now be an issue.

Along with sunscreen, moisturizer will be key to making sure the scalp stays nice and shiny. Those who struggle with a dry scalp to begin with should talk with a barber or a dermatologist to find a long term solution.

Doing a check in once a week is advised as a new bump or bruise may have appeared since the last search. It is important to note that the new exposure to sun have an effect on the scalp as it is not accustomed to direct sunlight.

Sometimes, things like moles and ridges happen naturally, but keep an eye out for any changes that happen over the course of a few weeks. If something concerning appears, talk to a barber or dermatologist to get a second opinion.

Benefits of a Shaved Head

The absolute best benefit is that hair care maintenance will be cut in half. It is now time to set the alarm back 10 minutes, because hairstyling just became nonexistent. Saving money on styling products like shampoo, conditioner and pomades is an added bonus.

Dependent on preference, consider using those extra funds to find a high-end barber to shave it once the hair begins to grow in again. Make a recurring appointment every three to four weeks as hair will begin growing back at that time.

In addition to the cost, it can take years off appearance. Many men claim that they even look more muscular after shaving it off. Part of that is due to the face brightening effect it can have that allows for more features to show. Eyes begin to pop more than they ever have and jaw lines can look more chiseled in an instant. Not to mention that many people prefer a bald head when looking for a mate.