Online Games to Fit Into Your Lunchbreak

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Inject some fun into your lunch with these online games

A spot of lunchtime gaming can really help to break up the day, it enables your brain to unwind and can leave you feeling ready for the afternoon ahead. Of course, not all lunch breaks are several hours long and provide you with a gaming rig and a headset, so if you were planning a Call of Duty binge with all of your coworkers then you might have to think again. Thankfully the quick play game has seen a huge resurgence in interest lately, meaning more developers than ever are investing their time and money into this genre. We’ve collated some of the best quick play games that are available to play online right now, so that you don’t even have to leave your office chair to enjoy a bit of downtime.

Arcade Games

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These games are perfect for those who love arcade style games

Arcade and casino games have long been the favourites of quick play gamers. These games are easy to learn, quick to pick up and put down and give plenty of bang for their buck. In fact, one game that’s surged back into popularity recently is Snake. Anyone who had one of the original Nokia phones growing up will remember spending hours steering a dotted line around their screen, greedily munching up other dots. The more dots you munched, the longer your line of dots got and the faster it moved. If you banged into the edges of the screen or into the end of your own line, then you were finished. That’s snake in a nutshell and it has such staying power that Google has brought it back. If you want to relive some of the nostalgia, then simply type ‘play snake’ into Google and you can steer a slightly swankier snake around some of the world’s most famous cities all thanks to Google Maps. It’s a great fun game, perfect for winding down at lunchtime and ideal for those who like a paired back version of gaming.

If you favour these kinds of games too then there’s more choice than ever in the online space as to where you might want to play. Casino Reviews take a deep dive into the tiniest details of the sites that they review and this Spin Casino review shows that it’s one that’s come out on top. There are a plethora of games to play here, although not Snake it has to be said. Either way, by far the most popular is Mega Moolah. This game was developed by Microgaming, a well-established developer that has created dozens of fan favourites. With a 98.5% RTP it offers great value to players and the wild graphics on the reels are great fun too. Slot games are similarly simple to Snake, but with a whole load of great features that keep the game feeling fresh and interesting.

Freemium Games

Freemium games are also on the rise. If you’ve never heard the term before then it refers to a game that is completely free to play, but gives the option of paid upgrades, incentives and items. Often this will take the form of two different game currencies, one that is free to collect and the other that needs to be paid for either all or most of the time. The premium currency will allow you to skip ahead faster, but isn’t necessary to still enjoy the game. One of the most famous makers of these games is Upjers and they’ve got a huge selection of Freemium games for you to try. They fit neatly into your lunch break as you can get all of your clicks out of the way and then let things take their time whilst you’re away from the game over the course of your working afternoon.

If you enjoyed Farmville back in the day then you’ll love My Little Farmies from Upjers. This game gives you a small plot of land and asks you to get cracking with some planting. You’ll initially only be able to plant a small selection of grains and vegetables, but as you progress through the levels, you’ll be able to move onto all kinds of different things. Strawberry plants, apple trees, pumpkins and more will have your harvesting baskets full to the brim with produce. Not only that though, you can then start to build pens for adorable animals who will also create produce for you. Before long you’ll have fields of cows, goats, sheep and chickens, that you can start breeding to create higher level animals and more artisan products. This is a lovely game for those who like the idea of homesteading, but can’t quite leave their work desk for long enough to make the dream happen!