These Might Be The Most Durable Glass Bottles Ever

Thinking that glass is unbreakable would make you a nitwit. So if you try to break Pure Glass Bottles ($20-$25), you will undoubtedly succeed. However, if you spike one like a football and it breaks you won’t have to deal with shards of glass or cleaning up liquid. That makes these bottles a great option for just about everything — whether it’s going to the gym, hitting the hiking trail, or hunkering down in your safe room during the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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Each one is fitted with a clear protective outer coating — what’s referred to as a “safe shell” — that spider webs and breaks from the inside; this keeps the liquid and glass contained. From there, you can toss it into the recycling bin and go about your day knowing you did Mother Nature a solid. Of course, if you’re not a total clod and you use some finesse, that won’t happen and your bottle will last a long time.

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