Putting together the perfect 9th birthday party for boys

hossein azarbad kohjTSkRGIU unsplash

Turning 9 can be an important moment in the life of a boy. In his mind, he’s already a man, and yet, you know better than anyone else that he’s still prone to a few temper tantrums and still wants to be coddled a little more than he’d care to admit out loud.

But how do you make sure that his special day is full of things he loves, people he likes, and super fun birthday gifts for a 9 year old boy? Read more to learn how to create the perfect party for his big birthday event!

There’s always a theme!

Kids can be quite fickle with what they love and loathe on any particular day. But a clear and simple theme helps you and the other parents to know what to expect, what gifts to buy, and how you’re going to decorate the place.

If you stick to something broad but fun like superheroes or Disney characters, you can keep things easy while allowing everyone to get creative within that theme.

Choose your setting carefully

Now that you’ve established the theme, it’s time to figure out what setting you’ll need to make this theme work best. Will you have the party at a play centre, or a zoo, or maybe even a water park? Or are you determined to host it in your own garden and transform your place into the perfect birthday party hub?

Either way, as long as the setting is safe, easily accessible for guests, and can make your child happy, you’re already halfway there to the perfect birthday party!

Dedicate time to opening gifts and singing to the birthday boy

Amid the chaos of children running around and having a good time, it’s easy to forget that it’s important to put aside a little time for the birthday boy to sit and open gifts while the cake comes out.

It may sound ridiculous, but if this is your first big birthday party involving a lot of kids, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can come and go. It’s easy to forget some of the most important aspects of a good party while overseeing so many young ones!

Consider classmates and general birthday party etiquette

This is a sensitive subject, as good birthday party etiquette is different for many people. But if you’re eager to keep the birthday boy and his classmates happy, you’ll need to be sensitive to who you invite and how you go about inviting them.

It’s unfair to expect parents to invite their entire class to a birthday party, but it’s also essential to consider who will be left out. If you discover that there are only 2 or 3 kids who won’t get an invite, then it may be worth asking them to avoid hurt feelings in the playground.

Try to be discreet about handing out invites. But it’s also supposed to be fun, so let your child enjoy their moment and look forward to it! If your son was invited to a party by another classmate, it’s always considered polite to invite them to yours too.