10 Questions Women Should Ask Their Hair Stylist

10 Question Women Should Ask Their Hair Stylist

On average, women spend about $1,800 per year on salon visits, with roughly $44 per visit to the salon for women. Add in the 20 percent tip many people leave and you’re up to $53. If you require extra services — color treatment, highlights, etc. — that number inflates. Men pay an average of $28 per snip. This chart, courtesy of the company Square, demonstrates how haircut prices fluctuate nationwide:
haircut price chart

(Source: US News and World Report)

The point being, if you’re going to shell out that type of loot, you should feel confident as to where you’re spending and to whom you’re giving your cash to. Aside from being a responsible consumer, it’ll hopefully help prevent you from paying top dollar for a Peg Bundy style hairdo. Use these 10 questions to gauge whether the stylist is up to par. If the person balks at any of them, take it as a red flag. A pro should be willing to answer a few harmless and relatively easy-to-answer questions without hesitation to help make you comfortable.

1. Have you ever styled my hair type before?
Hair comes in all types and textures. Whether you have course, curly, fine, thick or thinning hair, it’s important that your stylist is comfortable working with your hair type and knows what will and won’t look good. A cut that works with fine hair won’t necessarily work with a head full of thick hair.

2. What hairstyles will compliment my face shape?
Your hairstyle is the ultimate accessory. Ask your stylist which styles will look best with your face shape. You might find a hairstyle you love, only to learn that it will make your round face look more round, or your long face look longer. A good stylist can visualize a style on your face shape and tell you if it will work for you.

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