Quick Tips to Become a Champ at the Poker Table


Many of us have been in the situation before. You’re at the poker table, feeling lucky and ready to put your bluffing skills to the test. Then, before you know it, other players have taken you to the cleaners, leaving you wondering where it all went wrong.

When you first start playing poker, it is very unlikely that you will be a natural pro.

Poker requires a strong element of skill, as well as good luck. In order to win, you need to know the tips and tricks that the pros use. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest hundreds of hours of practice in order to beat the rest of the table at poker. Here are some quick hacks that will bring your game up to scratch. 

Play for free

In poker, as with any skill-based game, practice can improve confidence and proficiency. Fortunately, you can try your hand at real money poker without wagering your own cash. For example, at the casino online at Paddy Power Games, you can get ten free “golden chips” when you wager your first €10 at live poker. With these, you can play poker against real people, without risking your bankroll. This is one low-stakes way to learn the ropes of poker strategy.

Mix it up

Even if you are a novice poker player, you probably have a favorite hand and a preferred style of play. However, this is a surefire recipe for defeat. Your fellow players are like sharks, and, as reported on New Think Tank, they will quickly become attuned to your playing style and know whether or not you have a strong hand. By mixing it up and varying between aggressive, soft, and other types of play, you can always keep your fellow players on their toes. 

Play fewer hands

Oftentimes, a “tight” poker style is the best way to learn and win. Instead of playing every mediocre hand that comes your way, learn when to take a backseat. Ideally, you should be playing fewer, stronger hands, and playing them as aggressively as possible. If you play all of your medium-strong hands aggressively, it will make it impossible for other players to know the actual strength of your hand. You could be holding a pair, or you could be about to play a straight flush. 

Don’t be the sucker

Whether you are hitting up the live poker lounge or a land-based casino table, the last thing you want is to be the sucker. You should observe the first round carefully to determine whether or not you are the worst player at any given table. Remember, if you cannot figure out who is the person sitting at the table who could best be considered the sucker, then, as Falls Church News-Press states, you are probably that sucker. If there is another playing that is limping regularly, or if there are very few re-raises, then you have found a good table to be at. 

The game of poker is ultimately an art form, one that takes practice to hone. With these quick and easy poker hacks, you can level up your game and be the best at any table