The advantage of joining a casino with a good portfolio of games and tables with different budgets.


Today, all the best casino online sites offer live dealer variants, huge amount of games, bonuses and other amazing features.  In this world there are numerous variants, with limits that may vary from operator to operator. The choice, therefore, is quite wide.

A special feature of live dealer games is that even if the seats are all full, you can still play. Thanks to the Bet Behind function: instead of betting on cards, you bet… on the player. You will depend on his decisions: if he wins, you will win too. If he loses, you will inevitably lose. The advantage is that Bet Behind bets usually have lower limits than the table ones.

Live online blackjack is also available in numerous variations. Not that there was a need, as being able to interact with dealers adds a lot of fun. However, an example of a live variant is Evolution Gaming’s Party. At the table are seated two croupiers, who talk to the players and always try to put them at ease. Thanks to the particularly low bet on Bet Behind, the atmosphere is relaxed and the social aspect dominates. 

The choice of games is huge and varied, the video streaming is of high quality and the dealers know how to entertain the players.

The advantages of playing Casino

At the beginning we briefly touched on the advantages of online casinos for blackjack players. Below is an overview of why playing on the internet is better than going to a land-based casino.

Free online Casino: many games to choose from

Not only that: online blackjack games are immediately available to everyone. In land-based casinos, on the other hand, in addition to the obvious problem of space available, each blackjack table cannot accommodate more than 7-8 players at a time.

Furthermore, online blackjack allows you to taste all the variations you want, without any risk. The  play money mode , in fact, allows you to try out new variations or game strategies easily and for free.

Guaranteed privacy

For some, playing in the quiet of their own home is better than playing in public. As a beginner, you may want to study the rules and strategies well, to clear the field of uncertainties and insecurities, before playing for real money in a casino.

If, on the other hand, you are a high roller player, you may prefer  not to reveal your identity while trying to win at online blackjack. After all, it’s nobody’s business what you decide to do with your money!

By playing online, you will also avoid the embarrassment of feeling guilty for not tipping the dealer, even after a very large win. This, among other things, keeps the payout percentage of the games unchanged.

Of course, there are no other kinds of out-of-pocket costs in blackjack casinos, such as entrance fees, travel, food and drinks. These too are elements that break down your advantage

More interesting side bets

Since in most land-based casinos you will only find the classic variant of blackjack, you will hardly be able to take advantage of side bets. Many options at your disposal, given the wide range of games on offer. Sometimes it also happens to find online blackjack with jackpots, unlockable via a side bet. You can also bet on particular combinations of cards, such as the content of your starting hand.

Applying the strategy is simpler

If you want to play as effectively as possible, you will need to stick to the blackjack strategy charts, which suggest the optimal move for each combination of cards. In fact, depending on your hand and the dealer’s cards, the tables will clearly tell you whether you should draw, split, double or stand. With these aids, you will quickly become phenomena! In a land-based casino, you should learn everything by heart, but when you play blackjack online you can easily consult the tables, as well as have much more time to make your decisions (less in live online Casino).

Payment methods offered by online casinos


But what are the most common payment methods and how safe are they? 

The protections offered by casinos ensure that all payment methods are secure, but some are more secure than others. 

The presence of many payment methods is given by the need to satisfy the tastes of different types of players who may have preferences regarding the times, maximum limits and steps required to make the deposit. 

Among the most popular payment methods we find: credit cards on the Visa and MasterCard circuit. Generally protected by CVC code and secure code, they sometimes require commissions for charges; prepaid credit cards such as PostePay or Visa Electron circuit cards.

They work similar to credit cards but often have a maximum deposit limit; wire transfer. Perhaps the most antiquated and slowest method at first sight, however, is extremely safe as the transaction is protected by the player’s bank; electronic wallets. Payment option increasingly in vogue, so much so that in recent years we have witnessed the birth, on the wave of PayPal’s success, of new digital wallets such as Skrill.

After which you just need to log into your account to pay. In the first place in security, electronic wallets do not communicate our bank details to whoever receives the money and offer protection in the event of refunds and scams.

Spending your money online can be quick and easy, but especially when you want to play online it is a good idea to first make sure that the casino you choose is safe and accepts the most suitable payment method for you.

Bottom line: online Casinos, why not?

Online blackjack today is an inexhaustible source of advantages, compared to the blackjack of land-based casinos.