RIP Mickey Rooney

Film and television legend Mickey Rooney died at the age of 93. His death has been attributed to natural causes.

Though his acting abilities have gained him recognition as one of the greatest entertainers in memory (with a career spanning over 85 years), Rooney also deserves props for his work outside the studio. Specifically, his many hot wives.

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Standing at a mere 5’2”, Rooney married and divorced eight women, most notably Original Hollywood Babe Ava Gardner. Though the jury’s still out on whether or not size matters, some say we say Rooney’s romantic life in many ways both set the bar and paved the way for vertically-challenged dudes everywhere.

Rooney was a chameleon — an actor who was constantly reinventing himself, despite a bankruptcy and frequent tabloid speculation — and dabbled in everything from dramas like 1979’s The Black Stallion to Ben Stiller comedies like 2011’s Night at the Museum. To which we say: Sleep tight, hot shot.