ROIDMI Home Cleaning Day — ROIDMI EVE PLUS solves all your cleaning problems

People who can keep their homes clean share one same secret. It is a shortcut to maintaining a clean home, and an easy way out of heavy housework: a premium cleaning appliance.


If you are tired of messy food crumbs on the kitchen floor or struggling to find time for housework besides babysitting, you may need a ROIDMI EVE PLUS in the house. It will save you and your partner from tiresome housework. This ROIDMI home cleaning day, check out how ROIDMI EVE PLUS solves all the cleaning problems with an arsenal of powerful features.

Vacuums and mop — Bon appétit without making a  kitchen mess

Having a chef moment only to find a mess of gains, flour, and oil stains on the kitchen floor? It is not only a mood killer but also tricky to clean afterward. The ROIDMI EVE PLUS robot vacuum and mop is your trustworthy buddy. You work on that delicious meal, and it will guard the floor faithfully.

ROIDMI EVE PLUS can vacuum, mop, or vacuum and mop at the same time. It can suck away any solid waste with the 2,700pa beefy suction. No food crumbs can survive a seemingly careless stroll. What about mopping? ROIDMI EVE PLUS has a 250ml smart water tank that, with an electronically controlled water pump, maintains the right amount of moisture of the mopping pad.  You can set the water flow rate in the APP in different situations. A full tank is enough to clean up to 250㎡.

Convenient auto dust disposal and voice command

When you are busy comforting your crying baby or trying to organize scattering toys, the last thing you want to hear is the alert of your robot vacuum saying you need to empty the dust tray or it won’t continue working. ROIDMI EVE PLUS can dispose of the waste itself and follow voice commands.


When the dust tray is full, the robot will return to the station and empty the waste into the 3L dust bag. After some 60 days when it is full, the dust bag will be sealed for you to replace without getting in contact with dust mites.

ROIDMI EVE PLUS is also compatible with Xiaomi AI, Amazon Echo, and Google Home audio. Call out any of these smart assistants to give commands to your robot.

Safeguarding the health of your partner


After a long busy day, ROIDMI EVE PLUS might just be the right gift for your partner.

We talked about the vacuum and mop 2-in-1, great cleaning power, auto dust disposal, etc. But ROIDMI EVE PLUS has more design details that can guard the health of the family. After all, allergen triggers can easily grow in the dust station and harm children and family members with respiratory diseases like rhinitis or asthma.

The “sterilization and deodorization” feature of ROIDMI EVE PLUS’s dust station will keep the family safe from those health risks. After each dirt disposal, it kicks off automatically to sterilize the waste in the enclosed bag. It can kill common parasites in the home (such as mites), molds, and bacteria (E. coli, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus). It can also purify toxic chemicals (like ammonia and formaldehyde) and smells and bring the freshness back. The sterilization process is displayed on the LED screen as well.

The “Home Cleaning Day” can’t be done without ROIDMI, which will free your hands and give you a clean and healthy home environment.