Practical Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Use To Keep His Home Clean-ish

spring cleaning cat

We’re not slobs to where pizza boxes are stacked or roaches are scurrying around our floors, but we can be guilty of leaving a plate of six in the sink for a few weeks days before we finally get around to removing the dried foodstuffs (or throwing it away if it has past the point of no return).

So, to come clean, the need for a post about spring cleaning tips — or anytime cleaning tips, really — actually came about to help ourselves, which in turn, we hope, helps you, too. Whether you are living in a grimy abode or are known to get out the carpet washer all too frequently – we can each learn something here. After some simple research — for which we lazily hired someone else to do and write up — we scaled down the advice to make a guide for cleaning tips that are easy to handle. In the end, doing so helped our pads look cleaner and earn compliments from our significant others (and in one case, a Tinder pick-up).

#1. Set A Goal
Sounds like common sense, right? It might be, but we’re betting you don’t do it. Instead of looking at the mess you’re living in as a whole, figure out what specifically you’re looking to accomplish. How the hell can you know if you’re getting stuff done if you haven’t defined your goals? Once you’ve gotten granular, you can then …

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#2. Narrow Your Focus
If the downstairs closet that’s full of old board games and dead bodies is bugging you most, screw the goddamn overflowing kitchen cupboards and start rifling through the closet. And don’t stop until it’s done. If that means taking the day, take the entire day. Also, make a list. Psychologically, checking stuff off as you complete it provides a sense of satisfaction. Putting drops in too many buckets can lead to frustration and make it seem as if you’re not accomplishing much.

#3. No Shoes Allowed
People step in gum, wade through puddles of dog pee, and step on every other piece of grossness that’s on sidewalks and streets. You don’t need it in your home, nor do you need mud or other nastiness clinging to your carpets.

#4. Air It Out
Even during the wintertime, crack a window or the door to allow fresh air to push out the stale air. Afterward, light a candle. You’ll be surprised at how well this simple combo works.

#5. De-clutter
Easier said that done, right? We get it. And that’s why we came up with an entire post dedicated to the topic of getting organized … That said, this batch of  cleaning products can help keep allergens at bay, your laundry sorted, your hands less germy, and your floors less crumby.

We finally get around to removing the dried foodstuffs (or throwing it away if it has past the point of no return). –When dealing with a large amount of kitchen waste, a 20 yard dumpster can be a great solution to dispose of all your food scraps, old dishes, and any other kitchen-related junk efficiently and responsibly.

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