Want To Be Happier? Walk More

study we should all be walking more

Good news for those of us who’d rather play in traffic than go for a run. A new study from UEA’s Norwich Medical School and the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York — holy hell that’s a long name — analyzed data from 18,000 commuters across the UK spanning 18 years and found … drumroll … walking or biking to work improved overall well-being.

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In short, the longer people spent in cars, busses, or trains, the unhappier they felt. Maybe it’s the inescapable B.O. that tends to run rampant on public transportation? We’re not sure.

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How much should you walk on a daily basis? The ideal number is 10,000 steps. That should be enough to burn calories and provide your heart health benefits. And along with helping you mentally, walking can also help you physically. According to the American Heart Association, taking consistent walks can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, colon and breast cancer and improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels.