Shopping For a Big and Tall Man: A Herculean Task?

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Most women can say with relative certainty that their men would rather watch football or do anything else rather than shop for clothes. 

Mostly, the job of finding new clothes is reserved for females. With online coupons, in-store specials, and so many different brands to select from, it’s easy to get confused or flustered when shopping for men. When shopping for larger stature men, this task may seem even more daunting as not all styles and sizes are readily available.

Shopping for taller or bigger men may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you shop for your big man. 

Sizing them up

When shopping for big and tall men’s clothing, make sure you’re looking for the right size. However, the right size does not necessarily mean oversize. 

Take his measurements accurately to find garments that properly fit his stature yet leave some breathing room. You don’t want the clothes fitting too tightly in certain areas. Add an inch to pant lengths or maybe 1 size higher than their measured chests. You don’t need their buttons popping off during important events.

The challenging aspect of shopping for gentlemen of larger stature is finding the same styles their shorter or smaller counterparts can easily find at any men’s store

However, don’t get discouraged; many stores offer clothing made specifically for the big and tall man without compromising on style. You can also look at online stores like apparel fabric by the yard to buy fabrics and get them tailor-made for your gentleman. 

Go for the autumn look

A change in weather consequently makes individuals change what they wear. Unlike summer, where one may wear light clothes, you can expect warm clothing and more layers in autumn. Autumn looks can be achieved for men of any size. When temperatures dip, personal style should not.

Many autumn colors work well in various months. Depending on skin tone, bigger men may favor orange or autumn brown even in the summer or winter months. 

Overall, when shopping for big and tall men’s clothing, don’t be fooled by seasonal trends because some colors are evergreen, such as pastels.

Online Or Offline Shopping?

One of the prime reasons why people turn to online shopping is because it’s easy and hassle-free. Simply select the styles you like without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Buying big and tall menswear from a regular brick and mortar shop can be time-consuming, especially if you’re standing at the store during the pandemic. While it’s understandable you want to surprise your partner with a gift; it doesn’t have to come at the cost of a potential infection. That is why it’s advisable to switch to online shopping as much as possible. 

Also, just getting into a brick and mortar store can be a feat that you probably may never accomplish without having to stand for an hour. Of course, while shopping online is now ”default” for many, be wary of knockoffs. 

Always shop from trusted sites where the brand names are what they claim to be – it’s not too hard to assimilate knockoffs from $100 shirts these days.

It may appear bigger men would be a taller shopping task, yet knowing their personality and skin tone, to name a few, would go much further. Moreover, shopping online may seem quicker, yet always look for authentic menswear – even if that means calling the corporate office to verify their brands.

Final Word

Shopping for your big man doesn’t have to be overwhelming. First, figure out the color preferences and the size. Once you have the required data, you can always look for online or offline options to buy the best apparel for your gentleman. We hope these tips will help you in shopping for your beloved gentleman!