4 Ways to Intensify Your “O” Moment: Everyone Needs to Know These

dainis graveris KU NTjlJovE unsplash

Enjoying sex is hard-wired into us as human beings. But most often, we’re not in it for the baby-making hard-wired biological reasons — it just feels pretty great. (It’s pretty great for our physical and mental health too.) But do you know how to intensify and prolong these gratifying O moments? There are a lot of simple ways to hone your orgasm game. Some you might have never heard of before, but they could truly shake up your sex life. 

Here are 4 ways to intensify your orgasms. 

1 Focus on your breathing

Deepening your breath can slow down your mind — it can also make your body more sensitive to stimulation. Sex experts always harp on the importance of breathing during sex, and for good reason. This breathing trick is true for both men and women. 

Next time you’re getting lucky, try to ground yourself by deep breathing into your belly. You’ll find that you can control your pleasure with your breath. You can deepen pleasure if you want and even delay gratification with the breath. 

Often, alot of us hold our breath during sex. This is a natural inclination, but it can dampen your physical sensation. If you want to intensify your orgasm — belly breathe your way through it.  

Invite your partner to deepen and steady their breath too, and you can experience a more intense and intimate sexual experience together. 

2 Don’t be shy, try sexually stimulating products 

There has always been a bit of taboo when it comes to stimulation sex toys, medications, or topical products. But there is no shame in this game. Why would there be? 

There are stimulating creams for her that can increase blood flow to her vulva which can intensify her arousal. 

Some medications can help men last longer in bed. Some products increase their sensitivity. 

You can also experiment with toys to layer stimulation. 

3 Communicate and ask for what you want

Nothing really works if you don’t communicate with your partner. Ask for what you want, tell them what you don’t like, and ask them what they want. 

Without proper communication during sex, someone might be compromising their own pleasure to avoid potentially hurting feelings. Creating an open communication bedroom is the best way to avoid that. Make sure your partner knows it’s a safe space to change their mind, try something new, and ask for exactly what they want. 

By communicating you can increase your own pleasure and seriously satisfy your bedroom partner. Check-in with your partner and make sure whatever you’re doing is feeling good to them. 

More communication = better sex. 

4 Delay the “O” and play on the edge

A great way to intensify an orgasm is to play on the edge. Edging is the practice of bringing yourself or your partner to the “edge” of their climax but not taking them over the hump just yet. As you near the edge, you back off temporarily. Delaying this gratification can intensify pleasure and prolong intimacy. 

An orgasm requires a build-up of tension, edging is the ultimate tension builder — making for a more intense release. 

If a guy tends to hit their climax quite quickly, edging might be a great way to prolong everyone’s pleasure


Intensifying your orgasm doesn’t have to feel like solving a difficult equation — there are plenty of easy “cheat codes”. Try grounding breathing exercises, arousal increasing stimulation products, clear bedroom communication, and edging.