Should You Text Your Ex a Happy Birthday?

Birthdays are special days for everyone, even for people we used to be romantically involved with. With social media and texting, it can be difficult to know how to handle wishing your ex a happy birthday. It can also be difficult to decide if you should reach out or not. Let’s look at some considerations when it comes to texting your ex happy birthday wishes.

The First Consideration: How Long Ago Did You Break Up?

If the breakup was recent—within the last month or so—it would be best to give yourself and your ex time and space before sending any text messages. This is especially true if the breakup was acrimonious or filled with hurt feelings on both sides. No matter how sincere your good intentions may be, an unexpected “Happy Birthday” message could cause feelings of awkwardness or discomfort that neither of you need right now.

The Second Consideration: Is There Anything To Gain By Sending The Text?

Think about what might happen if you do send a “Happy Birthday” message to your ex. Do you expect them to respond in kind? Will their response leave either one of you feeling better? If there’s any doubt, it may be best not to send the message at all. A text wishing them well might not make either of you feel better, but rather create uncomfortable tension between you two that wasn’t there before.

The Third Consideration: Is This Part Of A Pattern Or Habit?

If this isn’t the first time that you’ve contacted your ex since the breakup, take a moment and ask yourself why this is happening again and again. Are you seeking closure after a particularly hard breakup? Are you hoping for reconciliation? If so, reaching out on birthdays is probably not going to help the healing process in either situation—and may even make it worse instead of better.

The Pros of Texting Your Ex on Their Birthday

If you have been out of contact for some time, wishing your ex a happy birthday could be seen as an olive branch—a sign that you are willing to let bygones be bygones and move past any resentment or hurt feelings. Even if you don’t plan on rekindling your relationship, sending a simple “happy birthday” message can be enough to show that you still care about them as a person and wish them nothing but happiness in life. After all, there was once a time where you shared something special together, and that deserves recognition.

The Cons of Texting Your Ex on Their Birthday

On the flip side, sending your ex a text could lead to complicated conversations and even reignite old feelings or tensions between the two of you. It can also cause confusion for both parties if one person is looking for closure while the other is just trying to be friendly . If your relationship ended badly or if things were left unresolved between you two, then it might not be wise to reach out via text—especially if they haven’t reached out first.

Final Thoughts:

When considering whether or not to wish your ex a happy birthday, take into account how long ago the breakup happened, whether anything positive will come from sending such a text message, and if this is part of a pattern of behavior that needs addressing itself before contact with an ex is made again. In many cases, it may be best just to let the day pass without sending any messages at all.

Remember that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on their birthday, wishing them well does not mean that anything between you two has changed in any way whatsoever—it simply means that when their day comes around each year; you’re thinking kindly about someone who used to have an important place in your life once upon a time.