Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

Are you wondering if the guy you like is thinking of asking you out? Well, there are some tell-tale signs that can give away a man’s intentions. While it’s impossible to know for sure what he has in mind until he actually asks, these signals can help clue you in on whether or not he is getting ready to pop the question.

Paying attention to his actions and words will let you know if things might be headed in a romantic direction with him. Read on to learn more about how to spot when a man is preparing himself for an invitation!

He starts paying more attention to you

If the special guy in your life starts paying more attention to you, especially when it comes to conversations, it could be a sign he is getting ready to ask you out. Chances are he has been thinking about it for a while and wants to get to know you better before taking the plunge.

He might be a bit shy or unsure of how you feel, but there’s definitely something new in the air. Notice if he’s hanging around longer when you’re talking or if he’s asking more questions than usual. This kind of behavior usually means that he wants to make sure everything is right, and that could lead to him asking you out in the near future!

He starts making conversation with you more often

If you feel like your guy friend or crush is starting to talk to you more often, it may be one of the signs he is getting ready to ask you out. He may be trying in general to get to know you better by asking questions about your life and talking about himself as well.

The conversations may start taking a more flirty turn as he tries to make jokes and charm you over. You may notice him volunteering to do favors for you such as giving rides and offering help with projects, which are all clear signs that he’s trying to show his interest and make a good impression on you. Now time will tell if this special someone is finally ready to take the leap and ask you out!

He always seems to be around when you’re at your most social

As time passes and you spend more time together, it can be easy to tell when someone’s interest in you begins to go beyond the typical platonic level. Pay attention to the signs that he is getting ready to ask you out; often times these can be quite subtle.

Has he been asking more questions about your life than usual? Does it seem like he’s always around when you’re at your most social events? What about touching; is he taking any extra chances to make physical contact with you? These are all signs that he is interested and might just be mustering up the courage to take the plunge and ask you out on a date.

He compliments your appearance often

If your special someone has been showering you with compliments about your physical appearance, it could be a sign that he’s getting ready to ask you out. Often times, when a guy is really crushing on someone they will make an effort to let them know just how beautiful they are.

It could be him marveling at your beautiful eyes, or how much he loves the way you do your hair. Pay attention if the compliments become more abundant, and if he seems to be making an extra effort to see you or talk to you frequently as well – these are usually telltale signs that he’s building up the courage to ask you out.

He asks about your personal life

If someone is asking a lot of questions about your personal life, it could be a sign they are interested in getting to know more because they are getting ready to ask you out. Questions like where you’re from, what you do for fun, or what your family is like can suggest someone wants to learn more about you.

Beyond that, their body language and behavior when around you could also give clues that they might be ready to take the plunge and make the ask! If they seem nervous, fidgety or smile more when speaking with you it may mean they are preparing themselves to break the ice. These signs might be subtle, but if taken seriously and reciprocated, could lead to something wonderful.

He invites you out on group outings with his friends

Going out with a group of friends may not sound like the most romantic way to spend time together, but if your crush is suddenly inviting you to night outs with his buddies, then it’s a sign he’s ready to ask you out.

It could be he wants to get your friends’ approval before taking the next step with you or maybe he’s just testing the waters and seeing how comfortable you are around his peers. Either way, if he goes as far as inviting you out on such occasions, it’s clear that he truly enjoys being around you and wants more than just friendship.


There are many signs that someone is getting ready to ask you out, and the most important thing is to pay attention. From compliments about your physical appearance to questions about your personal life, these subtle cues can tell you a lot about how he feels towards you. Additionally, if he invites you out on group outings with his friends or makes an extra effort to be around when you’re at social events, it could mean he’s finally mustering up the courage for “the big ask”! Keep in mind that relationships are built upon mutual trust and understanding; so make sure both of your feelings match before taking things further. With enough communication and patience, anything is possible – good luck!