7 Skin Conditions All Guys Should Know



What Is It?

Excessive flushing of the face, often with pimples located on the nose, cheeks and forehead. In men, a common symptom is an unsightly, red, swollen, and inflamed nose – without the ability to lead a team of reindeer on Christmas Eve.

What Causes It?

Common causes can include vitamin B deficiency, food allergies, low stomach acid, hypothyroidism, and a family history or tendency toward dry skin and dermatitis. So, thanks Dad!

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How Can I Treat It?
Avoid triggers such as sun or spicy foods, which can all contribute to flare ups. Also, make sure to use sunscreen – specifically brands containing zinc oxide/titanium dioxide, which is better suited for sensitive, rosacea-involved skin. Avoid soap, too. Not in the functional sense, but in favor of more gentle, non-soap cleansers.

What Happens If I Don’t?

Long-standing, untreated rosacea may lead to rhinophyma – an enlarged, engorged nose, reminiscent of Chris Farley from Dirty Work.