Spice It up: 5 Long-Term Orientation Tips That Will Work for Your Couple

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The long-term romantic relationship gives people numerous opportunities to create meaningful memories, share warm feelings, and build a genuine connection. However, relationships are not always as sweet and comfortable as they seem. Being a couple comes with a fair dose of challenges. One of them is staying intimately connected to the other person. 

With time many people struggle to keep their intimacy and sexiness alive, just like it was at the beginning of the relationship. Being afraid of pushing the boundaries to test new things can be the greatest mistake in a committed relationship.

If that is your case, and you have been wondering if there is a way to add spiciness to the romantic relationship after a year, two or twenty, the short answer is yes. With these five tips, you can expect some bedroom experiences out of this world:

Visit a Sexshop

Unfortunately, sex is a part of a long-term relationship most people forget about or take for granted. Letting your imagination go wild is one of the critical factors to maintaining a healthy sex life.

Consider exploring some fantasies in the bedroom, as it is one of the best and easiest solutions to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your beloved partner.

Discuss the matter with your other half and suggest doing some shopping at a local sex shop. There is a wide range of sex toys, different lubricants, underwear, or outfits waiting for you on the store’s shelves.

Don’t get discouraged if some products will look too fancy or complicated to use. Feel free to ask the shop assistant for advice on the best vibrator, read a guide on how to use cock rings online, or ask other couples for their opinions on foreplay dice.

Enhance Sensuality

Think about the time when you and your loved one have just started dating. You were most likely texting every day, spending some fun time together, and kissing a lot. There was no sex at the very start.

Even though having sex is essential, it doesn’t mean that abstaining from it for a moment will harm your relationship. Most likely, it will have the opposite effect. Sometimes the key to having amazing sex is not to have sex for some time.

Focus more on having a sensual experience with your partner, as you did at the beginning of the relationship. Go on a date, spend a relaxing day together, take a hot bath, give each other a massage, play with each other’s hair, kiss from time to time.

The long-forgotten experience of mutual touch, laugh, softness, and connection will surely spice things up for now and in the long run.

Find Your Partner’s Erogenous Zones

Our bodies are full of places that can be sexually stimulated. You just need to find them! Some of the most erogenous zones include feet, ears, nipples, back of knees, nape of the neck, and the eyelids. The stimulation of these body parts can help you get aroused quickly.

Finding and determining your partner’s erogenous zones is a great tip for people in a long-term relationship. If you are committed to one person, you should figure out a way to satisfy them. Ask your partner to have an ”encounter session” where both of you could learn each other’s erogenous zones.

Play With The Lighting

To concentrate on your pleasure, you should eliminate all distractions. Consider playing with the lighting in order to create a romantic atmosphere. Light some candles or turn the light entirely off if you want to stimulate other senses. If you feel a little more adventurous, try to have sex with a blindfold.

Think Of The Timing

The last piece of advice is to make time for having sex. As unspontaneous and silly as it may sound, sometimes people are too focused on work, kids, or other matters and simply can’t find time or energy to have sex. To maintain a healthy relationship, spend more quality time with your partner.

“Unplug” for that time – turn off your phones, computers, and television. Focus your energy on being together with your partner.


It is only natural that after a fair amount of time spent in a long-term relationship, the sexual aspects often get lost. Using the five simple tips mentioned above should help you and your partner regain your lost sexual vigor.

To make things spicier between you and your loved one, visit a local sex shop, play with the bedroom’s lighting, learn about each other’s erogenous zones, and enhance sensuality. On top of that, make sure both of you understand the importance of spending time together.