Stuff For Father’s Day: Booze

If you’re pa’s the hand-on type — no, we don’t mean with your mother, sicko — he’ll dig this Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Kit ($150 and up). It’s not a plug-and-play item; proper construction requires the use of tools by people who are more handy than we are. So if you really want to log some quality time with dad — and reap the rewards of sipping moonshine later on — this is your play

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Clawhammer’s website offers video tutorials and step-by-step instructions for the kit, but when you cut corners like, ahem, some people, it doesn’t turn out right. Clawhammer also has your covered when it comes to the legality of moonshine, how to go about distilling your first batch of white lightning, and cool new moonshine recipes to try once you’ve conquered being such a n00b.