Subtle Signs She’s Trying To Seduce You

Subtle Ways She's Trying To Seduce You


Touching you on the arm is nothing to brag about. But touching your chest or anywhere within a one-foot radius of your man-parts is a safe bet that she wants more than conversation from you. Also pay attention to how she’s touching you: Patting equals “You’re such a pal!” while rubbing or resting her hand on you for more than a few seconds equals, “Want to see what’s under my bra?”


She’s probably not going to say something as blatant as, “I really miss getting laid; it’s been sooooooo long.” But a woman will sometimes drop things in conversation to make sure you know we’ve got sex on the mind. If she says anything that’s more than a passing mention about sex, it’s probably a good indication that she’s interested in having it with you. Which would be why the girl you met at the bar last week went on and on about the time her friend hooked up with a friend of a friend of a friend of Justin Timberlake.