Superman’s New Job Resume

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In the latest issue of New Superman, Clark Kent quits his job at the Daily Planet because he’s disgusted with the state of print news. That’s right — the Man of Steel is going to become a blogger!

Wait, what? Actually, with online advertising revenue set to surpass print revenue for the first time in history this year, ol’ Clark may be smart to leave print. (Plus, writing things on the Internet is the most important job in the world.) But it’s not necessarily a great way to make money, and it’s not a super stable gig. If (when) his blogging career doesn’t work out, Superman will find himself in need of a real job, and since he’s had pretty much the same gig for his entire adult life — if you’re even thinking the phrase “Earth-Two” right now, hit your inhaler and relax — he no doubt needs to update his resume.

So we did it for him:

resume, jobs, career, Superman, comic books