Survey: Guys Don’t Wash Their Faces Regularly

A recent survey from Dove found that 46 percent of guys don’t wash their faces. That’s right, so if you’re in an office full of guys right now the probability that more than half of them have bacteria festering on their clogged and oily pores is sky high.

“Another trend is for guys to have big beards — and they’re not washing them, either,” says Dove Men+Care face specialist Karen Lynn Accattato, who is currently the makeup artist on Empire. “I’m astonished and appalled.”

Well, we’re not surprised. Lots of guys think it’s effeminate to own facial cleansing products, and we call those guys pimple-faced a-holes. We’re kidding. We hate the word “pimple.”

Accatto’s chops in entertainment have been refined for more than two decades. Having worked with everyone from the cast of Empire to President Obama to Dave Chappelle to Pitbull, her approach can work for any guy so long as he sticks to it


dove face cleanser#1. Use A Hydrating Cleanser
Accattato suggests Dove’s Hydrating Face Wash to clean pores and leave your face silky smooth. “I can’t preach enough about skin hydration,” she says. “Like it or not, people are judged  by skin and the condition their skin is in; it reveals a lot about you. Are you healthy? Are you rested? Are you successful?”

Another tip: Skip bar soaps when it comes to scrubbing your face clean, Accattato says. They tend to be harsh and leave your skin feeling dry.

hydrating shave gel#2. Shave With A Hydrating Shave Cream
A solid shave cream/gel and razor combo — read: not that cheap-ass disposable one they give you at cheap-ass motels — can prevent skin aggravation and ingrown hairs. “The benefit is that you won’t pull or tug hairs, and the hydration will leave the skin looking youthful,” Accattato explains.

We’re fans of Every Man Jack Hydrating Formula Shave Gel ($11 for 2 @

jack black moisturizer#3. Moisturize
As we age our skin doesn’t hold moisture as well. A quality moisturizer will help promote skin regeneration and moisture retention. “Look for a matte finish,” she says. “Otherwise, you might be left with shiny skin—and that’s not what guys want.”

Every Man Jack Double-Duty Face Moisturizer ($28 @ is a solid pick. It’s lightweight and non-greasy. Plus, it has SPF 20, which should keep your protected during your daily commute.

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