Ted And 10 Other Bears We’d
Have a Beer With

ModernMan.com Best BearsPANDA

Panda made her debut in 1998’s Tekken 3. She’s named Panda because she is, in fact, a Panda, standing more than nine feet tall and weighing more than 440 lbs. However, she’s also a woman who knows martial arts. Or something. She’s skilled in the Heihachi Style Advanced Kuma Shin Ken, and while we have no idea how much ass that martial arts style kicks, it sounds scary. But in a nutshell, she’s a bear who knows karate. So, that’s pretty awesome.

ModernMan.com Best BearsLOTSO

Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear — or Lotso for short — ruled the toys at Sunnyside Daycare Center with an iron fist … covered in hypoallergenic purple felt. The naughty bear in Toy Story 3 was selfish, smart, and ruthless, and he was also voiced by Ned Beatty. In other words, he was an amazing villain. (He even won Best Villain at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.) However, since it’s Disney and all, Lotso’s refusal to be redeemed meant he had to die a horrible and tragic death. Just kidding. He was tied to the grill of a dump truck and left there for, presumably, all eternity.

fallingbearFALLING BEAR
On April 26, 2012, the world was captivated by a photo of a tranquilized bear falling from a tree on the University of Colorado campus. He survived the fall just fine — no surprise there, just look at that form — but tragically, a week later, Falling Bear was struck by a car and killed. We shan’t ever forget you, Falling Bear.