The 3 Steps To Converting Your Garage Into A Man Cave

erik mclean qgInQSplXBU unsplash

Everyone needs a little space of their own. A place to go and spend some alone time doing the things that are important to you. Or just a place to relax with some friends and not disturb others in the house, whether watching football, or baseball, or talking about Truck And Gear.

Usually, in the case of men, this is called a man cave which essentially is a zone where you can do whatever men do and not be judged for it. Unfortunately, there is usually limited space in a house to set up this kind of zone. Which is why a garage is the ideal location to convert into a man cave.

It does take some planning to make it comfortable enough to want to spend time there, however. In this article, we will go over what it takes to convert a garage into a man cave.

1 – Get it organized

The first order of business is to get it organized so you can see what you are working with as far as space goes. Take everything out and organize things into categories so you know where it can be put back.

This is going to give you the opportunity to clean the place to make it so it doesn’t look and smell like a garage and so you can design the living space within it. Once you have everything categorized, get some garage cabinets that look stylish enough to be suitable in a living area and not look like they are for a garage.

Put everything you can in other areas of the garage so you can see what kind of space you are left with.

2 – Change the flooring

In many garages, the floor is in a sorry state from years of oil dripping onto concrete. This is not going to work no matter how you clean the place up so when you have the garage emptied out, put in some new flooring. An epoxy is a good way to cover the concrete floor and clean it up.

You can also add colors and texture into the epoxy to make it look much nicer and more refined than just covered concrete. It is also easy to clean so if you do need to keep a car in part of the garage, it won’t be difficult to keep clean.

3 – Insulate it

Most garages are not built to be lived in or spend any amount of time other than to get in and out of the car. They are cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

The solution is to redo the walls and add insulation. You can put up some rock wool and then cover it up with drywall to create a nice looking wall. Give it a couple of coats of paint and you are good to go.

Then you can add shelves, decoration and put a TV up on the wall and be able to enjoy the space in all four seasons.