How to Choose the Perfect First Date Location


The last few years have seen even more people switch from in-person meet-ups to chatting and getting to know each other online instead. The covid restrictions have seen people try to be more careful, and dating apps and online dates have become the norm. 

Since the restrictions have been lifted in many countries, and in-person dates are allowed again, it can feel like a brand new experience. 

Talking to people online and finally getting to meet in person can be very cool – if not a little nerve-wracking. 

All of the groundwork has been laid for what could be the best dating experience of your life. So if you had some great times during the lockdown dating trend, but are ready to get back out there, here are a couple of date ideas! 


Going to dinner is a classic date option and one that most people should consider. If you have spent enough time talking before you head to the date, you are hopefully aware of their eating preferences and allergies that you need to know about. 

Just keep in mind that many restaurants have specific instructions at the moment to cater to the changing COVD-19 rules – and you will most likely need to book in advance. 

If you or the other party aren’t comfortable in crowded areas yet, order each other a take-away and have a video call date and watch a movie. 

Museums & Art Galleries

What better way for both of you to explore art, history, and a little culture than heading to a museum or an art gallery – or both! If small talk isn’t your favorite, then discussing the pieces as you walk can be a great way to have a conversation that doesn’t feel forced. 

Most museums have cafes or restaurants on-site or very close by, which means you can grab some coffee or a meal and talk more after your walk around. 


If you both love to read and have some authors or genres in common, finding a reading of your favorite books or the author on a book tour can be an incredible first date. 

You get to both listen and meet someone you admire, and it shows how thoughtful you are to remember that they like them. 

Perhaps there aren’t any readings, or the authors you love aren’t on tour – look for poetry slams or improv evenings in the area. You might both discover a new talent and fall head over heels with their work (and each other). 

Comedy shows

A live comedy show can be one of the best ice breakers. You can book dinner beforehand and have the comedy show as the grand finale. It might be a good idea to know who you date finds funny not to choose the wrong type of comedian.

Some people like dark humor, while others like it as clean and PC as possible. Learning what they want ahead of booking tickets will pay dividends. 

And what’s more, is that you will have something to talk about after the show too. 

Live Music

The live music industry struggled through all of the lockdown restrictions but picked itself and dusted itself off. The most prominent performers are back on the road and most likely coming to a venue near you. 

Tickets go pretty quickly, so if you want to book a concert as your first date, make sure you act quickly. If you manage to snag tickets to their favorite artist, it will be a night they will never forget – and you can’t put a price on that! 

An alternative to a concert is finding smaller local festivals with food stalls and other activities. These smaller festivals can give you the best of everything – great fresh food, live music, and stalls to buy something from—a great first date by any means. 

Before booking any date, one of the most important things is to make sure that you have paid attention to all of their interests – and you’ll never arrange a boring date again! 

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