The Best Gear For Guys Who Jog

Akanpa Collapsible Water Bottle. Stylish To-Go Foldable Reusable Drinks Container#8. Akanpa Collapsible Water Bottle. Stylish To-Go Foldable Reusable Drinks Container ($13 @
Studies have shown that even moderate dehydration can screw with your concentration and sports performance. But most water bottles are blocky messes. This collapsible water bottle isn’t; instead, it’s a lightweight and foldable option that can hold up to 17 oz. of liquid. It’s also microwave and freezer-friendly.


jog light hat#9. 4 LED Hands free unisex Lighted Beanie Powercap ($20 @
When you’re running outdoors at night with no headlamp you’re eventually going to catch a curb or get caught by a pothole. Yes, you’ll look goofy wearing a headlamp, but it beats wearing a goddamn cast on your ankle or wrist after you take a tumble. The cap has four bright LED lights that work for about 40 hours, shining up to 42 feet away. The light turns on by sliding the button that’s located on the side, with a pull-out compartment that stores 3 flat and 3 Phillips screw heads. The cap is featured in a variety of colors and one size fits most, unless you have a pumpkin-sized head. In which case, just stay indoors, freak.

headlamp jog#10. LED Headlamp Flashlight ($25 @
Another headlamp option is this pieces with high, medium and strobe settings. Along with a 5x zoom that provides brighter and clearer vision at night, the flashlight is lightweight and has adjustable straps where one size fits all. It’s also waterproof.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger#11. Baby Trend Expedition Stroller ($130 @
You’ll probably sacrifice your sanity and sex life when your wife or mistress squeezes a kid out, but you don’t have to become a giant blob of flab. The Expedition measures 17.8 x 13.8 x 34.5 inches and features a padded, reclining seat, and covered canopy for lazy babies who don’t jog. The tires are 16″ and 12″ (front) and it folds up for easy storage and transport. There are also two cup holders for coffee, vodka, or sugary sports drinks.