The Best Gear For Guys Who Jog

Champion mens sweatpants#3. Champion Men’s Retro Fleece Jogger Pant ($22 @
They aren’t baggy, which is a plus when you’re running (it’s also a plus for lounging when you’re a guy who gets unexpected boners). Made with a fleece cotton and polyester blend, these Champion sweats feature thick leg cuffs and a drawstring for a snug fit around your (hopefully not expanding) waistline.

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Southpole mens sweatpants

#4. Southpole Men’s Jogger Pants ($13 and up @
Designed with thigh padding to prevent wear and tear from running, these Southpole pants are also accented with piping along the side and zipper secured pockets. That means if you’re someone who can stomach running with shit in his pockets, the zipper close is something you’ll want to consider.



MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6P Memory Wire headphones#5. MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6P Memory Wire In-Ear Headphones ($23 @
Without headphones you’re stuck listening to the sounds of nature while you jog. ::Shudder:: These affordable in-ear sport headphones are equipped with memory wire, a microphone to field calls, a remote to shuffle through tunes, and universal volume control. A steal at the $20 mark.

under armour sweatband#6. Under Armour Sweatband ($6 @

If you become a spigot of perspiration when you finally drag your lazy arse off of the couch and exercise, consider a headband. Seriously. Of course, if you pour sweat for too long the band will totally become as swampy as your undies — gross, dude — but it’s also a great tool to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyeballs.

armband jogging and running#7. AARATEK Pro Sport Armband for iPhone 6, Galaxy S5|S4 ($16 @

If you have beefy arms that measure more than 16.5 inches, this neoprene armband with a velcro closure isn’t the product for you. However, if you’re not a pro football player, wrestler, or gym rat who does biceps curls every other day, this flexible and expandable band can make your life easier to stash your smartphone, keys, cash, credit card and ID.


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