The Best Home Remedies for Constipation

home remedies constipation

Lots of things can cause constipation — not consuming enough fiber, dehydration, and an overall crappy diet (no pun intended) can lead to an uncomfortable blockage. We’ve heard of people drinking Epsom salt (it was said to taste gross, unsurprisingly), as well as relying on natural Coconut Colon Detox ($20 @ or Sculpt n’ Cleanse ($50 @ — which worked well but can get pricey if your inability to evacuate your bowels is a chronic thing.  So we searched for easier, cheaper methods as to how to get things moving. These home remedies for constipation will help you get things moving in the right direction.

Break A Sweat
No, not from holding it in while writhing in pain. We mean get off of your bloated ass and exercise. Constipation is not just about diet; it can often be related to a sedentary lifestyle. So even moderate exercise — jogging, a quick bodyweight exercise routine, etc. — can help minimize constipation. Aside from having mental benefits, walking 10 or 20 minutes per day can improve digestion. This exercise does not have to be vigorous in order to be effective for most constipation issues.

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Fish Oil | Nature Made Fish Oil ($8 @
Fish oil supplements have become popular recently due to their fatty acids connect, which have been shown to help with everything from heart health to inflammation. Fish oil can also be used to smooth out digestion. Regular doses of fish oil can regulate digestion, which may minimize bouts of constipation for chronic sufferers.

Castor Oil | Pure Castor Oil ($9.50 @
When regular interventions do not cure constipation, an easy home solution is castor oil. Castor oil can stimulate movement in the intestines, which can correct constipation. Swallow two teaspoons on an empty stomach. It may take up to eight hours to see results, but many people find it very effective.

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