If You’re A Guy You Should Know These Movie Quotes

odd-couple quotes

The Odd Couple (1968)

Here’s something that will make you chuckle or even laugh hysterically. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon delivering a series of deliciously funny lines, as they continue to bicker and argue in what’s probably one of the best comedy duo of all time. If you’ve never watched ‘The Odd Couple’ (1968), do yourself a favor and get it. Felix (Lemon) is absent from this scene – he’s in locked in the bathroom, crying after his wife kicked him out of his home and he’s best mates are worried sick.

Memorable The Odd Couple quote:

Roy: Suppose he tries to kill himself!

Oscar Madison: How’s he gonna kill himself in the john?

Murray: Whaddaya mean, how? Razor blades, poison, anything that’s in there.

Oscar Madison: Nah, that’s the kids’ bathroom. The worst he could do in there is

brush his teeth to death.